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Opportunities – They Surround You Every Day

by Austin Smith

Opportunities – They Surround You Every Day

Words can sometimes mean many different things to many different people. With varying factors such as context and emotional attachment, the same word can have a wide range of meanings depending on the person you are speaking to.

The word “opportunities” is certainly no different. To some, it could mean a message of hope and anticipation … such as growth opportunities. To others, it could have a negative connotation, which is often the case when one hears the vastly overused term “business opportunities”.

Personally, I fall into the former category. I tend to get “charged-up” with excitement when I hear or think of the word “opportunities”. What about you?

In any case, for today’s Monday Morning Motivation I thought I’d share some excellent quotes based on the topic of “opportunities”. Many thanks to my friend Bill Carr from Traffic Hoopla for contributing this compilation in the form of a recent email I received from him.

– Opportunities and motivation are connected. Motivated people see opportunities, and opportunities are often what motivate people.
– Great attitudes precede great opportunities. Who you are determines what you see.
– Today is the best day for an opportunity. Opportunity always takes “now” for an answer.
– Opportunities are the result of pluck, not luck. The people who seek out opportunities, and if they cannot find them, they create them.
– Opportunities do not present themselves in ideal circumstances. If you wait for all the lights to turn green, you will never leave your driveway.
– Opportunity without commitment will be lost. Abandoned opportunities are never lost — they are simply pursued by the competition.

It is certainly true that opportunities surround us every day. The only variable is how we personally perceive them.

Do you have any “opportunities” related quotes that you’d like to share? If so, please do so below, along with your thoughts on the subject.

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