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11 Keys To YOUR Online Business Success

by Austin Smith

History’s repeating itself…and it’s leveling the online business playing field as we speak.

The year 2018 has A LOT more in common with what was working 10 years ago, in 2008, than anybody realizes.

That’s GREAT news for you! Why?

Because it means you can literally use what was working back then as a roadmap to kick your business up to the next level NOW while your competitors are still trying to figure out how to survive.

Here are 11 things that will make this year your best year ever:

10 Keys To YOUR Online Business Success1. You need a “Flagship” product.

This is a product (your own product) that ties into your identity… it’s what you’re known for, and it’s usually based on your own real life or business experience.

2. You need a GREAT “sales talk!”

You must create a standard promotional presentation for your flagship product that lasts @ 45-75 minutes. You can use a teleseminar, a webinar or some other method where you provide valuable information to an audience and then sell your product at the end.

3. Value Pricing makes a comeback! (NOT Internet Marketing “fantasy” pricing)

That doesn’t mean you sell your products “cheap!” It means your customers say to themselves… “Holy Cow! I got a great deal!”

You want people to feel like you could (and should) have charged 3 or 4 times more for your product than you did. It’s about giving your customers REAL value.

4. Have a “Better Promise” than anyone else.

You must differentiate your product from your competitors’ products to cut through the noise and stand out. You want to sell what your customers need and build a relationship so that they will come back to you for more. You do that by making a better promise and then over-delivering on that promise!

5. You need your own unique, AWESOME product.

Sounds basic, but you can’t put out crap. You also can’t build a real business just selling other people’s products as an affiliate! There’s no lasting success with “good enough” or “me too” products. You need a unique product or marketing angle… or, preferably, BOTH!

6. Build on Trust!

Create real, trusting relationships with your customers and subscribers. People are “cocooning” and want a safe haven. They are searching for real relationships with experts they can trust and provide a sense of belonging.

You create that trust and safe haven for people with email marketing, a membership site, and excellent customer service. People will come for the content, but they’ll stay for the relationship and community.

7. We all need Multiple Channels of distribution.

You need to use a variety of online methods to reach your audience. Get to know and use distribution channels such as eBay, Amazon, ClickBank, and Apple iStore, to name a few. Multiple channels of distribution create real power for growing your business FAST.

8. Publish the same content in multiple modalities.

Multiple formats make it easier for more customers to consume your content. You can also access a larger audience through varied distribution points. If it all starts with a webinar or audio and you work backward, it’s fast and easy to create ebooks, iPod audio, iPad video, streaming replays, articles, special reports and more!

9. You MUST build your Email List.

Nothing new here. But it’s more important than ever! You will not survive without a good solid, targeted email list. You need 2 lists at a minimum:

a) A prospect list, and
b) A customer list.

Start where you are and build from there.

10. Grow with Back-End Offers!

That’s where the money is. Get people to buy more of your products initially… and then keep them coming back again and again. To do this successfully, see #9.

And since I like to over-deliver, here’s a BONUS tip:

11. Work smart AND hard!

The person who said work smarter, not harder, was only HALF right. You must do BOTH!

There’s a price to be paid to get the results you want. So you’ve got to make every minute and every action count. You need to create a path and a plan that you know will work. This eliminates hesitation and speeds up your success.

A good example is creating a marketing plan that lays out your entire year, and then breaks down the actions you’ll need to take on a weekly or even daily basis to get there.

Plan the work… and work the plan.

By putting these 11 elements into action in your business over the coming year, I GUARANTEE you’ll run miles ahead of your nearest competitor. And you can take THAT to the bank.

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