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How To Make Money Online for Perpetual Income

by Austin Smith

How To Make Money Online for Perpetual Income

Would you like to make continuous money from an established list of customer’s? If so, keep reading!

Bought traffic and free traffic can both be developed into a continuous income stream by way of what is called an “auto-responder”.

When your targeted traffic visits your website, you should be capturing their name and email address so you can send them weekly emails. In order to capture their email in an organized fashion that also protects you against spam complaints, you should be using an autoresponder service. There are many such services available at affordable rates – anywhere from $10 to $30 per month. Two popular services are Aweber and GetResponse; both can easily serve your email list needs.

To encourage visitors to “opt-in” for your newsletter, you can offer them something free for joining your list: “Get my free report when you sign up for my weekly newsletter!” Visitors will then enter their information, verify their email address, and be given instant access to your free book or report. This is basically “incentivizing” your opt-in list and is an extremely common strategy among marketers.

Building a list is relatively easy and doesn’t require any technical knowledge whatsoever: once you have your autoresponder account, just copy and paste their code into your web page and the necessary form will be visible to anyone who visits your site.

Once you have your list of targeted visitors, you can create weekly emails that will be sent out like clockwork from the moment the person verifies his or her email. Your newsletters should be informative and provide useful information to your email list. In addition to the free information you give them, you can recommend they purchase a product or service. You should include your recommendation and your purchase link at the bottom of your email.

It’s debatable as to how often a marketer should try to sell something to his or her email list. Some people say once every two emails while others say only once a month.

Personally, I think as long as you provide useful information in each newsletter, it’s perfectly fine to throw a link or two at the bottom of every email. If you are providing free information that helps them further their business or personal goals, I believe they will be OK with a marketing link (or two!).

Building a list is a method of building a long-term business. You can market to this list on a continuing basis and generate revenue indefinitely without having to ever pay for traffic again.

A friend of mine has an extremely responsive list of 10,000 members. He emails them on a weekly basis and offers both free and paid advice. His best 24-period of revenue from his list was $41,000! Would you like to generate $41,000 in revenue with one email campaign? Of course, you would!

A marketer who wants to build a long-term business that he or she can earn revenue from for years would be well advised to look into building, maintaining, and marketing to a highly targeted list of customers. It does take work and (as you can imagine) you will need to be well informed about your particular niche. After all, you will need a lot of content in order to mail out weekly letters indefinitely!

The individuals that seem to generate massive amounts of revenue with an auto-responder seem to focus on only one subject or niche, and they take great pride in providing sound, free advice to their list of subscribed members.