Financial Intuition – Another Secret To Success

Financial Intuition Another Secret To Success - Financial Intuition – Another Secret To Success

Financial Intuition Another Secret To Success - Financial Intuition – Another Secret To Success

There are so many secrets to success everywhere. Each person has his own set of magic formulas, personal principles, working for him in achieving his goals. In this article, I am going to give away one of my secrets working reliably for me all my life – besides discipline. I am sure it will work for you too.

It is what I call “Financial Intuition” = a capability to see and feel money everywhere. One of the secrets to success lies simply in seeing opportunities all around you and making use of them at the right moments. All the time, in everything you do, have your business on your mind and think of making use of every situation for growing your business. Even if it is only a tiny bit. All such tiny bits pile, multiply and grow beyond your wildest dreams.

Try and develop your financial intuition. You can find it difficult at first but develop the habit, and it will become as natural to you as breathing. Once you know what goals you want to achieve, come up with a plan to work toward them. Divide the projects into small manageable ones and work them away in the order of priorities.

Make sure you write all the tasks down first before starting down the list because the acts of writing down increase the chance that you will complete them significantly. Believe me, that is the fact which has been proven by research.

Anyhow, we live at the best times ever. I would say “The Golden Era” – full of marvelous opportunities at every step. If you look back through the centuries, there never were so lucky times, and we are the blessed ones given this unique opportunity of living NOW as the most precious gift. It’s our obligation to make use of it. We should be punished if we don’t.

Watching people who never succeed in anything or not even trying, you will notice that all of them have a common feature: they complain about everything. From the lack of opportunities to I’m too old, too young, too poor, too weak, too ill, too busy, etc. Everything seems to prevent them such as the times are not convenient, conditions are not favorable, nothing ever works, everything is too risky and so on and on.

Whatever you’re doing now, stop for a couple of minutes and go through the situations over the past hours or days and try and remember how many “opportunities” you have used to grow your business and how many you didn’t but should have.

The best approach is to practice that at least once a day by revising what you planned to do for the day, what you really did and how many situations you made use of and how many you didn’t and should, then try to get better next time. You can even keep a diary.

Before long you, that will become your second nature as you become a person who naturally takes advantage of many opportunities in your daily life. And together, they will add up to a sizable result of your business success. So, start it today!