Discipline and Its Threats On the Internet for Home-based Business

Discipline and Its Threats On the Internet for Home based Business - Discipline and Its Threats On the Internet for Home-based Business

Discipline and Its Threats On the Internet for Home-based Business

Observing the activities of many people on the Internet, I have a feeling that they all have one common issue, and that is a lack of discipline.

There is a couple of obvious reasons:

– For some people, it is difficult to adopt and maintain discipline without colleagues, a team or at least a manager

– Some people do not even know or realize that discipline is necessary to achieve success on the Internet.

Different forms of discipline are necessary for any behavior in a society, and when we talk about success – and not only on the Internet – discipline is vital.

Many people do not how to be effective when they are on the Internet. They just catch isolated pieces of information, while not differentiating between the right and wrong, complete and incomplete pieces of information, and just do something. For instance spammers: they just heard that email is a very powerful means of marketing, so they send out emails.

Unlike the offline world, on the Internet, a home business person is taken out of his environment of supportive colleagues and everything he does is up to him only. He is isolated with the information he gets, the way he processes it, the conclusions he makes, the opinions he forms, the strategy he adopts, the responsibility is his, and consequently the success and the failure.

However, the demand for discipline is much higher online. All of the above requires a very responsible and mature person. Many people are used to working in a team where everyone gets only a piece of responsibility if any at all, mostly only limited decision-making rights and a limited share of success or failure.

That said, the home-based Internet business success needs a highly disciplined person, fully aware of all the dangers, misconceptions, demands. It needs a new, completely different way of thinking, especially if you just come from an 8-to-5 corporate job. You have to work hard for your survival and success, most of the time. It may sound scary but spending your time building your own business and asset is much more fun than building other people business.

You have to develop your exact overall conception, plan and strategy, full details and stick to it. It consists of seemingly unimportant items like your working hours. For instance, many gurus say that the charm of your Internet business is in your own working hours, no one forcing you to work, working 2 to 5 hours a day and similar nonsense.

Only when you became very successful that you can work 2 to 5 hours a day. At the beginning and even in the middle of your entrepreneur journey you have to work hard and smart. Read about the history of successful people like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Micheal Dell, etc. and you will see they all worked very long hours at the beginning (if not all their lives) in order to achieve and maintain success.

So, you should keep yourself in check and discipline along the way. The first thing you should do is to set firm daily working hours (both offline and online) and stick to it. For each day, prepare a set of tasks, and every day before you finish, check whether and how you completed the set of tasks for the day and set a new one for the coming day.

Never say: just once, nothing happens if I skip once. Of course, it happens, all the bad happens: you will see that nothing really happens for once, and you will say it again, once is never, twice is a habit – and this is exactly the way to lose all of your discipline, responsibility, and dreams.

Similar it is with the countless attractive opportunities. Most of them are not opportunities at all, just clever tricks to get you involved, to rob you either of your money or time, to make you build someone else success. Be careful and all the time think about your own goals, your dreams you want to achieve and live them all.

Book: "Do The Work"

In the scope of this article, I cannot mention all the dangers nor all the necessary steps to fight them. Here’s a great short book by Steven Pressfield which will show you how to adjust your mindset to be a better working professional: “Do The Work.”

Just one more to close this: and it is the moments that you come to think that all the Internet is a big scam and hype and you want to give up. Do not give up!

First, you can never say how near or how far you are from your success and second, you are responsible to yourself, to your family for all you have spent up to now – money, time, efforts. Money is always involved, even if you do not pay anything, you paid for your computer, the energies, the Internet access, you paid in the form of your time, devotion, hours of your life that no one can give back to you, and the list goes on.

You have to consider all these aspects before you start, once you set on the path, there is no way back – unless you can live with the word FAILURE until the end of your days. Everyone and everything will remind you: you in the first place, your family in the second … shall I go on?

I have an answer for you: Yes, Keep Going and STAY DISCIPLINE!